Grow It Yourself

Creating an online food sustainability education programme for employees and teams.

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The Challenge

To create a dynamic, educational and fun way to learn about food sustainability harnessing the great work that GIY do helping people to grow their own food and complementing it with our expert knowledge of food sustainability.

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Our Approach

Change by Degrees researched and co-created a set of food sustainability modules based on key themes identified over a series of meetings with GIY. The aim was to keep the material relevant, engaging and empowering. 5 Golden Rules were created whereby participants could learn more about sustainability and how it relates to food and what actions they can take as an individual to play their part when it comes to food sustainability. Change by Degrees also story boarded a suite of videos to be presented by Madeleine and Tara to accompany the course and optimise engagement.

How we helped We helped GIY to synthesis their message for their target audience and add evidence to support their key points. We created hints, tips and how-to actions that participants in the course can use to create change in their day to day lives by making better choices when it comes to shopping for and eating food.

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The Impact

Working with GIY on this training programme helped ensure that the information contained within the course is science based, accessible and understandable to all. The programme will be rolled out across the country to corporates wanting to upskill their employees and build capacity and engagement within their teams.