IDEA & Bridge 47

Creating transformative CSR – the power of a well-designed and delivered webinar

The Challenge

To create a dynamic, interactive webinar for a diverse audience from all sectors and help them plan their recovery, build resilience and #buildbackbetter.

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Our Approach

  • To educate and inspire attendees in on online format to use sustainability to #buildbackbetter in a COVID-19 world
  • To introduce our SDG 10 Point Plan©, a unique tool specifically designed to provide a framework for businesses to assess and strengthen their commitment to sustainability and show case how this tool can help traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) become transformative.

How we helped

  1. Sustainable Development Goal 10 Point Plan

    We introduced attendees to our SDG 10 Point Plan© tool and used it to make the case for moving beyond traditional CSR to transformative sustainability strategies that are purpose-led and go beyond philanthropy and volunteering. The aim was to show how transformative sustainability programmes engage all business units and incorporate all three pillars of sustainability – social, economic and environmental.

  2. Local to Global

    We explored the role of Global Citizenship Education and lifelong learning in empowering employees as a force for positive change. Citizens have capacity to create change when they are supported and educated to do so and organisations have an opportunity to assist in the lifelong learning of their employees.

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The Impact

Attendees were surveyed immediately after the webinar and feedback indicated that a more holistic understanding of the power of the SDGs in business was achieved.

One participant commented that “I had limited knowledge of SDGs and today’s session helped clarify how our organisation could align. In addition, to date our organisation has been considering the SDGs in isolation, so now having the understanding of the interconnection between goals has been a highlight. Also, the corporate case studies will further support our strategic vision…”

Read more about the webinar here.

We worked closely with Tara and Madeleine to host an online workshop to offer the private sector new ways of learning and thinking about the world using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to assess and strengthen their commitment to sustainability. Thanks to their excellent knowledge on sustainability and passion for empowering employees in lifelong learning and Global Citizenship Education as a force for positive change, 100% of the participants surveyed left the workshop stating that they were likely to apply their learning from the workshop to their own practice!

Ji Hyun Kim, Bridge 47 EU Project Officer, Irish Development Education Association