Delivery of a series of modules on the intersection of the Circular Economy and customer and staff engagement for micro businesses and SMEs nationwide

The Challenge

Design and delivery of a module, comprised of two online and interactive lectures - the first focused on engaging an external audience and the second with an internal focus, centred on engaging and empowering employees.

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Our Approach

Show participants how to effectively engaging with customers and staff while having an authentic and legitimate sustainability story to tell can enhance a business’s brand and empower staff to act as business ambassadors.

How we helped

  1. Customer engagement

    This lecture was designed to explore the impacts of communicating authentically about an organisation’s purpose as a sustainable and circular business. We examined the role of sustainability strategies, statements and reports in communicating to an external audience and enhancing brand value along with the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a tool for articulating that purpose.

  2. Employee engagement

    An organisation’s workforce is a key asset in defining and delivering its purpose. We designed this lecture to explore ways a business can utilise sustainability education and training to build internal capacity, empowering staff to act as ambassadors for a business’s purpose and enabling them to play their role in helping the business to achieve its goals.

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The Impact

  • An informed and inspired cross section of micro businesses ready to incorporate sustainability communications into their strategies based on a coherent and authentic SDG road map.
  • A healthy organisational ecosystem where sustainability know how is co-created, articulated and shared within a business and outwardly to the stakeholders the business relies upon for success.

We were lucky enough to have Tara and Madeleine as trainers on our MODOS programme, a Circular Economy course for SMEs and micro-enterprises operating in Ireland. They created and delivered a highly engaging and informative module about communicating sustainable practices to staff and customers. Those taking the programme loved Tara and Madeline’s creativity, energy and enthusiasm. They made the material relevant, practical and fun. In constructing their module, they delve into a wide range of solid research. Their use of tools and templates offered the business taking the programme, a step by step method for crafting and disseminating authentic and effective marketing messages for products and services.
Change by Degrees delivered a highly professional service and was a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Joanne Rourke, Dublin City Council Resource Efficiency Officer