Musgrave Sustainability Workshops

Responding to consumer demand for packaging choice

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The Challenge

  • To upskill the marketing teams in Supervalu and Centra on packaging choices and sustainability.
  • To communicate a commitment to providing packaging choices to customers - especially those wanting to reduce their plastic consumption by making a suite of videos for social media channels.
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Our Approach

  • Credible and authentic understanding of what consumers wanted in relation to packaging and their consumption of plastic.
  • Clear advice and the transfer of know-how to the marketing teams to empower them to ask the rights questions and make different decisions.
  • The use of ‘choice’ as a key message for the customer focused campaign.
  • A practical and down to earth language use in the videos – making the issues easy to understand and equipping viewers of the videos with easy to take actions to reduce plastic and packaging waste and increase recycling.

How we helped

  1. Staff Education & Engagement

    We designed and delivered an interactive workshop for Musgrave marketing teams on packaging choices, customer preferences and opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging, all informed by consumer needs.

  2. External Sustainability Communications

    We co-created and presented two videos for social media to highlight the choices available to customers in store, to reduce their plastic consumption, and to provide hints and tips on how to reduce waste and increase recycling at home.

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The Impact

  • SuperValu and Centra marketing teams now assess products in terms of the product’s value and integrity and the choice of packaging, sourcing products that meet customers’ needs and changing expectations. This contributes to Musgrave’s brand values and commitment to sustainability.

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  • The social media videos we co-designed and presented were shared on Supervalu channels communicating the brand’s commitment to packaging choice and educating customers about packaging recycling. Musgrave has enhanced their reputation as a brand committed to sustainability.

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I engaged Change by Degrees to do a packaging awareness workshop for our marketing terms as well as making videos make videos for our social media campaign on packaging and choice in SuperValu. Tara and Madeleine brought great insight into what consumers are looking from our brand. Our teams and customers engaged really well with these practical workshop and down to earth videos.

Julie Dorel, Corporate Communications Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners