Omidyar Group

Identification of key risks and options for preparing for and managing coincident disasters

The Challenge

Drawing on expertise in disaster risk reduction, climate change impacts, employee engagement and business resilience we prepared a brief on coincident disasters with a focus on one of the enterprises of The Omidyar Group based in London.

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Our Approach

The need to be informed about and prepared to manage coincident risks such as COVID-19 and climate impacts across multiple regions.

How we helped

  1. Review of international best practice

    To identify a best in class risk and resilience framework applicable to co-incident risks and strategies to enhance resilience in business strategy, operations and employee wellbeing.

  2. Proposing recommendations to enhance preparedness and resilience

    Using a 3-tiered framework inspired by CSIRO’s RAPTA framework we proposed a range of options to increase the resilience of i) people, ii) systems (for risk management) and iii) pathways (to achieve a resilient approach).

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The Impact

  • Clear identification of the potential risks facing the London office of The Omidyar Group enterprise and options for preparing for and managing these events over time.
  • The Omidyar Group commissioned a series of independent coincident risk studies for the different regions it operates in, to better support its organisations and partners, to manage risks and build resilience in an increasingly uncertain world.

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