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Going single use plastic free

The Challenge

To create a plastic free policy, a social media campaign and a suite of staff activities for a business committed to reducing their plastic footprint and to raising awareness about plastic pollution and sustainable solutions with their clients.

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Our Approach

  • To co-create a policy based on the values of the Centre and its place in the landscape and the community.
  • Practical and no-nonsense advice on how to message to a diverse client base from schools to corporates to achieve preferred results.
  • Empowering young staff to get on board with the initiative and celebrate the clients that participated in the competition.

How we helped

  1. Advisory

    We facilitated a meeting with Senior Management to establish goals and create a road map on actions that would achieve their end goal. A Plastic Free Policy was written for the website and letters drafted to clients to show case Oysterhaven’s new efforts are operating more sustainably.

  2. Social Media Campaign

    A collection of social media posts were designed and suitable copy written to accompany them along with a roll out schedule. Each post targeted a specific client base of the organisation and was hosted on channels that would amplify their impact.

  3. Schools Competition

    Change by Degrees helped create a school’s plastic awareness competition that involved all Oysterhaven clients submitting a poster highlighting the impact and solutions

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The Impact

The Oysterhaven Centre has successfully established an education programme on marine pollution that is built into the DNA of the organisation. Its plastic policy sits front and centre on its website and acts as a great grounding for all activities the centre provides to clients.

Read more about their plastic free policy here.

The Oysterhaven centre won the prestigious Irish Sailing Sustainability Award 2020.

The Oysterhaven Centre has raised its ambition beyond plastic awareness and is currently investigating other ways to be more sustainable within its operations including rainwater harvesting, solar panels and electric vehicles.

It is a really positive process developing and implementing our Plastic Free Strategy with Madeline and Tara’s input. Their knowledge and eagerness to increase everyone’s awareness to avoid single use plastic is inspiring and working with Change by Degrees is an engaging and educative process which really encourages us to share our commitment to sustainability with our team and clients here.

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