Co-designing a sustainability campaign to engage employees

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The Challenge

Poppulo set a goal in 2019 to increase awareness and motivate action amongst employees to increase sustainability know how companywide.

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Our Approach

  • At the initial meeting time was taken to listen to Poppulo’s needs and tailor the support we could provide to their budget and timeframe.
  • Early engagement allowed us to encourage an ambitious approach encompassing all aspects of sustainability and to co-design an engaging campaign.
  • Advice on measuring impact, messaging and content enriched the campaign which was led by an energised and committed Sustainability team

How we helped

  1. Advisory

    Change by Degrees was hired to work with the Sustainability Team to provide advice to shape the campaign and a staff survey and to deliver content including videos and blogs via the Poppulo mobile app.

  2. Staff Education And Engagement

    One of the launch activities for the campaign was a town hall meeting for employees. We designed and presented a talk with expert insights and practical tips which engaged the employees in discussions on changing their behaviour at home and at work.

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The Impact

  • The Poppulo sustainability campaign was shortlisted in two categories for the EPA Green Awards 2020.
  • Poppulo are using the sustainability campaign as an example of how their internal communications software can be used to engage employees.

Measurable Results

  • Employee understanding of sustainability has increased from 54% before the campaign to 81% afterwards
  • 77% of employees feel they are recycling effectively at home and in work, up from 55%
  • 89% of employees feel they are making a personal impact on their local environment, up from 80% before the campaign
  • 88% of employees recognise that Poppulo is working to reduce its environmental impact.

Read more about our work together on the Poppulo blog here.

I always open the Sustainability Team’s email newsletters. The content is put together very well and has a really nice mix of articles. From practical tips to understanding the wider impact of sustainability on our world, there’s always something for me to take away.

Ruth Egan, Head of Customer Experience, Poppulo