Delivery of a community training programme, MyTownMyPlan across eight towns in West and East Cork

The Challenge

To create a dynamic, interactive series of face to face workshops that address the issues pertinent to each community and equip the community group with the skills needed to create a climate change action plan.

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Our Approach

To educate and inspire communities on the approaches they can take to create resilient, future-focused, climate active towns and feed into a larger body of work the community group were doing to create a list of priority projects to improve the quality of life in their community.

How we helped

  1. Scene setting

    A key element of the work involved improving climate literacy within each community group and setting the national and international context for both climate policy and the impacts of Ireland’s present and future climate.

  2. What is sustainability?

    We introduced the Sustainable Development Goals, how they relate to the community groups and explained how the three pillars of sustainability – social, economic and environmental - can be used in tandem to create a thriving, resilience town.  

  3. Vision setting

    Communities were invited to reimagine their towns through a climate lens and given tools to develop ideas on topics ranging from infrastructure to social inclusion, resource management to governance.

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The Impact

  • The community groups were empowered to create climate action plans that reflect their unique ambitions and projects and identify opportunities to enlist external expertise to help make them a reality.
  • Each town’s plan sets out clear priority tasks that the town can proceed to apply for funding and further support for, should they choose to.