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Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD) reporting is an essential course designed for individuals aiming to master the art and science of transparent, ethical, and impactful reporting on corporate social responsibility activities. As businesses increasingly recognise their role in addressing social, environmental, and governance issues, the demand for skilled professionals in CSRD reporting has surged. This course offers a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices that underpin effective CSRD reporting, ensuring that participants are well-equipped to meet the evolving expectations of stakeholders, including investors, customers, and regulatory bodies.

Learners will complete a gap analysis specific to their organisations making the information learned tangible and real-world.


1: Introduction

Dive into the world of CSRD reporting, understanding its significance and the impact it has on businesses and society. This lesson sets the stage for mastering the essentials of transparent and ethical reporting.

2: ESRS 1 General Requirements and ESRS 2 General Disclosures

Explore the foundational elements of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), focusing on the general requirements for sustainability reporting under ESRS 1 and ESRS 2. Learn the basics of compliance and reporting principles.

3: ESRS Environmental Disclosures

Unpack the requirements for environmental disclosures under the ESRS framework. This lesson covers how to report on environmental impact, including climate change, resource use, and biodiversity, aligning with sustainability goals.

4: ESRS Social Disclosures

Delve into the social aspects of sustainability reporting, focusing on labor practices, human rights, and community relations. Understand how to effectively communicate social impacts and initiatives under the ESRS guidelines.

5: ESRS Governance Disclosures

Learn about the governance disclosures required by ESRS, including corporate ethics, governance practices, and risk management. This lesson emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in corporate governance reporting.

6: Next steps in your CSRD journey

Take further steps in your organisation by applying your learning over the previous lessons to CSRD readiness and implementation in your company.


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