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Sustainability 101 is for everyone – from the CEO to the new intern. People need to understand the fundamentals before they can take action, with confidence, on sustainability. This course will build awareness and inspire learners to make changes in their personal and professional lives. It’s about building literacy, confidence and skills to do things differently. And crucially, it’s not just climate – we tackle all three pillars of sustainability from caring for nature to playing your part, and from sustainable transport to women in leadership. There’s something for everyone. 


1: Introduction

Meet your instructors, get a course overview, find out some basic FAQs and take a look at our Reflection Notebook, Benefit Tracker, Jargon Buster & SDG Demystifier. Then, get started!

2: Tackling the Climate Crisis

In this lesson you will learn what we mean when we talk about climate change, the implications of a changing climate on our lives and how we do business, and some of the solutions that can make a difference.

3: Caring for Nature

In this lesson you will learn about the interconnectedness of life on Earth and the importance of preserving our planet’s natural heritage for future generations. You will learn what biodiversity is, why it is under threat, and what we can do to protect it.

4: Conscious Consumption

In this lesson you will learn about the impacts of our consumption on our planet. You will also learn about the depletion of natural resources and the impacts this has on society and the planet. We will also share steps that you can take to use less and buy better.  

5: Playing Your Part

In this lesson you will learn that sustainability is personal to each individual. You will also learn how to make a personal connection to it so that you can have a positive influence on the people around you at home and at work. 

6: Embracing the Circular Ecomony

In this lesson, you will learn about the circular economy, how it works and the actions you can take to support this sustainable way of living and working.  

7: Stepping up for Sustainable Transport

In this lesson you will learn about the impact transport has on air pollution and climate change to better understand why it’s important to make changes and shift to cleaner transport options at home and in your workplace. 

8: Switching to Renewables

Renewables are essential to transform our energy system. In this lesson you’ll learn how renewable energy reduces costs for your organisation and your home, and creates jobs for millions around the world.  

9: Food Sustainability with GIY

In this lesson you will learn about the challenges to global food security, the key components of a sustainable food system and gain valuable knowledge that will help you to make sustainable choices that will positively impact your own health and that of the planet.

10: Your Wellbeing and Sustainability

In this lesson, you will learn about the direct connection between your personal health and wellbeing and that of the planet. We will also share actions you and your organisation can take care of you, your colleagues and the wider community. 

11: Women in Leadership

In this lesson we will explore the barriers faced by many women and the value that women’s leadership, as well as more diverse leadership, can bring to business and politics. We will also examine how problems like climate change, injustice and inequality can only be solved by bringing the attributes of female leadership into decision making. 

12: Scopes 1, 2 & 3

In this lesson we will explore what business activities fall under each scope, discover how to reduce emissions under each scope and examine how this informs targets setting and reporting.  

13: Greenwashing

In this lesson you will discover what greenwashing is, explore the jargon associated with greenwashing, and examine ways to combat greenwashing through authentic communications. 

14: Corporate Governance

In this lesson you will discover how sustainability creates new requirements for corporate governance and how good governance is a prerequisite for sustainability.  


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