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About our Sustainability & Climate Leadership course

This Sustainability & Climate Leadership course is designed to support you to build your literacy, confidence and skills to lead teams and organisations to have a positive impact on society. Whether you work in the public, private or third sector this course will equip you with the skills you need to be ready for sustainability best practice and regulation, to understand some of the concepts and tools used in sustainability planning and reporting and to develop your own leadership, motivation and communication skills to bring people with you in pursuit of organisational and systems change.  


1: Introduction to Sustainability Leadership

Learn about the course and how to navigate it.   Introduction to the concept of sustainability and what it entails.   Understand ESG v sustainability and SDGs and how to use them.  Case studies and examples of sustainability in practice.

2: Sustainability Fundamentals

Explore the fundamental concepts of sustainability & discover how unsustainable economic and business models lie at the root of the climate and nature crises we face today. Delve into the core principles that define a sustainable future, and learn how addressing unsustainability is crucial in mitigating these crises. 

3: Sustainability Solutions

Learn about the sustainability solutions we have right now and how they can be scaled up with the right policies and investment.  Innovation lies at the heart of sustainability, so this lesson is an invitation to think creatively about the future we want.  You will also learn about co-benefits and how climate, nature and people can all benefit from well designed solutions.  

4: Understanding Risk

Learn to define climate change risk and explain its key drivers. Identify various ways climate change risk can impact businesses. Describe strategies that sustainability leaders use to assess and mitigate climate change risk. Analyse real-world case studies to understand how businesses adapt to the challenges of climate risk. 

5: Making an Impact

Delve into purpose – personal and organisational.  Understand the difference between operational impact and influence. Discover how to make a positive sustainability impact, both individually and collectively. 

6: Sustainability Leadership

Understand the attributes and competencies of sustainable leaders.  Describe your personal leadership motivation and identify ways of using this to mobilise others and contribute to wider systems change.   

7: Sustainability Communications

Learn what works and what doesn’t in sustainability communications.  Explore greenwashing and how to avoid it.  Design communications messages to engage team members and other stakeholders.   

Pricing & Plans


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