Madeleine Murray: Chamber Executive for the Kinsale Chamber of Tourism & Business

Madeleine is now on the Chamber Executive for the Kinsale Chamber of Tourism & Business!

Kinsale Chamber of Tourism & Business run projects that benefit the town, make proposals and advocate for the town to be accredited with titles and accolades, and run strategic marketing campaigns to promote local businesses and the town as a whole, to help sustain the local economy and ensure a bright future for the iconic tourism destination of Kinsale.

Madeleine will be using her expertise to shape ideas and projects that will benefit the town and apply a sustainability lens to all decisions in order to create a happy, healthy, thriving economy in Kinsale and its environs.

Becoming a member of the Chamber is a brilliant way of supporting your business and the town. Your membership fee goes directly into funding all the work done by the committee and the initiatives run by the Chamber, by investing in this community you will not only enjoy the benefits to your own individual business, but you will also be contributing to the success and growth of Kinsale.

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Madeleine Murray

Madeleine Murray

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