Tara delivers the prestigious Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2020

In this year’s Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution, three expert scientists from different fields will present a unique ‘user’s guide’ to Planet Earth. They will unravel astonishing global systems and remarkable natural wonders that combine to keep life on Earth alive.

And then they’ll explore how human activity has become an overwhelming geological force – disrupting the finely tuned systems that have kept our planet running smoothly for billions of years. We’ll learn how we can each help repair the damage we’re doing and live more sustainably, as Earth’s population increases.

Each of these world-famous Lectures from the Royal Institution will bring to life one aspect of Earth’s inner workings.

Chris starts with the earth and the rocks that make it up. Helen follows with the oceans and Tara looks at our atmosphere and how we are affecting it.

Watch Tara’s lecture here.