What has UX design got to do with sustainability?

People have little or no understanding of what UX Design actually is. Here's a simplified explanation
UX Design is about the look, plus the feel, plus the ease of use a person has with your brand

People have little or no understanding of what UX Design actually is. Here’s an easy-to-understand explanation:

You don’t need UX Design if a) you are 100% sure your product or site works perfectly b) you don’t mind having to spend money retrofitting your product or website once built c) you have plenty of time on your hands to make changes as required while trying to sell your product or service.

UX Design – a definition

UX Design (user experience design) is about the entire experience a person has with your product or service from beginning to end - from the people that work for you to the item they end up buying. It’s about the look, plus the feel, plus the ease of use of what your company does and sells. It fixes problems and creates processes that ensure people have an enjoyable, seamless experience with your brand.

UX Design and Sustainability

Both UX Design and Sustainability are (relatively) new concepts to many. As consultants with skills in both, it makes perfect sense to blend their principles like efficiency, relevance and balance to deliver best in class services to our clients.

When creating a sustainable product or service key considerations include its

  • viability (its cost to produce and the margin of profit)
  • feasibility (is it genuinely possible to build?)
  • desirability (will it solve a problem for people?)

If you add sustainability (a happy society, healthy planet and thriving economy) to the list, you are getting closer to creating something that is part of sustainable development and fit for purpose. Most sites you visit are designed for the privileged few - people with rapid fire broadband, high literacy and no disabilities. So whether you’re designing a site or service, including the JEDI principles (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) ensures it’s something that is truly for everyone.

Innovation starts NOW

If sustainability and innovation sit hand in hand in solving the biggest problems of today like poverty, inequality or climate change then UX Design is the glue that binds them together. At Change by Degrees, we blend our expertise in sustainability with skills in UX to help create products and services that solve problems.

Three things to know and implement today -

  • Good UX Design can transform your brand experience for customers
  • Good UX Design can improve conversion rates
  • Good UX Design can reduce your emissions rates

Get in touch to learn how we can help to create a platform or product that is beautiful, simple, effective and good for the planet.

Madeleine Murray, co-founder of Change by Degrees, has a Diploma in UX Design from the UX Design Insititute of Ireland and Glasgow Caledonian University. Get in touch to learn more about services we can provide to your organisation