Irish Examiner: Tara Shine shares top tips on fighting the urge to splurge

Irish Examiner: Tara Shine shares top tips on fighting the urge to splurge

Esther N McCarthy writes about her challenge to go a year without buying any new clothes or shoes…

Esther N McCarthy asked environmental scientist and author of How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time, Tara Shine, to share some insights for anyone else looking to live more sustainably in 2022.

“It will make a difference if one person cuts down on buying clothes - everything we do matters particularly if we share what we learn along the way and get our peers, friends and family following in our footsteps. So if you make a point of buying less or enjoy having more money in your pocket as a result – share that with your friends. They are more influenced by you than anyone else.”

“Be curious, do your research and ask questions to figure out what brands really are sustainable. Sites like Good on You rank brands if you would like more insights. Actively look for sustainable brands that they you how they are being sustainable and show you results – look for actions and not words.”

Here are Tara’s three tips to help you reduce buying clothes.

  • Share: try a clothes swap, share clothes with friends, use sites like DEPOP to sell clothes on to someone else, support charity shops.

  • Repair: fix the button, the hem, the small rip and give your clothes new life. By repairing your existing clothes they can last longer.

  • Rent: next time you have an event like a wedding or an interview – rent, don’t buy!

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