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Hands up if

A) You work tirelessly to ensure you are providing the best Employee Value Proposition possible.

B) You’ve created a sustainability strategy brimming with ambition, and actions to transform your organisation.

C) Said strategy is owned and understood by only a handful of people and thus hitting targets and reporting on change will be problematic, but soon mandatory.

The solution?

A sustainability awareness and engagement programme that marries what matters to your organisation with what matters to the people that work there. Our Learning and development programmes aim to demystify sustainability as a topic and bring an organisation’s sustainability strategy to life through its people in a fun and engaging way.

Does it work? Ask An Post.

“This employee engagement programme with Change by Degrees gave us practical information and ideas for taking action to enable us all to really live our purpose and achieve our sustainability goals.” Nicola Woods, Chief Transformation Officer.

An Post made our pioneering Employee Engagement Programme available to its 9,000 employees and after just 12 months, 93% of participants said they were more motivated to take action to be more sustainable. As a result, An Post is the first company to be accredited for empowering its employees to take action on climate change and learning what sustainability means for them, and the business they work for.

In the case of An Post, the impact of the programme was measured by a third-party verified baseline and repeat survey, and revealed an increase in knowledge, motivation and action.

Employees’ self-rated knowledge of sustainability increased by 19%

  • 93% of respondents were motivated to take action to be more sustainable and 66% said they took actions both at work & at home
  • In keeping with global trends, the importance of working for an organisation with sustainability high on its agenda increased after the programme, with 72% of people surveyed deeming it to be essential, or very important.
  • 66% of An Post respondents to our Impact Measurement Survey said they were extremely interested in learning more about sustainability.
  • 96% of employees across five organisations surveyed by Change by Degrees believe that it is important to have sustainability on the corporate agenda. This is echoed in a recent survey published by Deloitte in which almost half of Gen Zs (48%) and millennials (43%) say they have put some pressure on their employer to take action1.

2022 Achievements

Change by Degrees has supported 5 clients in engaging their employees in sustainability through our Employee Engagement Programmes. An Post, Pfizer and IPL have completed their programmes and Version 1 and Musgrave are currently underway.

The average impact measured from the EEP to date is:

  • A 20% increase in self-rated knowledge of sustainability.
  • 96% of employees were motivated to take action and 56% of those took an action.
  • 98% of participants in the EEP wanted to learn more about sustainability after the programme.

‘Companies that want to achieve their sustainability and climate targets invest in their people.’ Dr Tara Shine

Network of influence Get in touch if you want to join a network of companies transforming what it means to make sustainability part of their DNA and recognise the value of harnessing employee enthusiasm and interest in creating a healthier, happier, thriving society.

Photo From L>R: Madeleine Murray, Founder and co-CEO Change by Degrees, Sarah O’Dwyer, Communications Executive An Post, Nicola Woods, Chief Transformation Officer An Post, Anne-Louise Childs, Internal Communications Manager An Post and Dr Tara Shine, Founder and co-CEO Change by Degrees handing over the Empowered Employee Accreditation in the GPO Witness History Courtyard.


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Madeleine Murray

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