Untangling the web of climate jargon for business leaders

Untangling the web of climate jargon for business leaders

Running your business sustainably begins with understanding what you’re talking about. From biodiversity to zero waste, this is a quick guide to the words behind the action.

The words we use to talk about climate change matter. If they are too scientific and fact-based, they pass many people by and we have no reaction. However, facts accompanied by stories trigger our emotions and the message has a better chance of resonating. So hearing stories from people on the front lines of the floods in Midleton, Co. Cork in October 2023 made us react with empathy and concern in a way that facts about unprecedented rainfall do not.

Words and jargon can hold back action and create confusion. When climate and sustainability terms aren’t well understood, leaders can’t speak about them with confidence. As a result, they are unconvincing to their stakeholders, from employees to customers, and nothing changes.

From a business perspective, there is also the risk of investing in the wrong asset, being misunderstood, or missing an opportunity because of misunderstanding about what is being committed to. You can’t claim to be net zero, for example, if you have no idea what that really means.

The full article unpacks some of the jargon from net zero to circular economy.  For a full glossary, see this jargon buster in plain English.

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