What does Breaking the Bias mean to Tara Shine?

Esther McCarthy says we need International Women’s Day more than ever, as the panellists at today’s Irish Examiner’s event share what Breaking the Bias means to them.

Tara Shine shares what Breaking the Bias means to her:

As someone who has advised world leaders, governments and civil society organisations on climate change, environmental policy and development assistance, I see the biases that can affect us, from the top down.

The fact is, when women aren’t given access to full human rights, when they aren’t provided with the basic things like health care and education, then extreme events, global crises like pandemics or climate catastrophes can have a huge impact. These women aren’t economically independent, therefore they’re much more exposed. There’s a huge bias there. We need to acknowledge and tackle that.

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Tara Shine

Tara Shine

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