What is Budget 2024 doing for climate action and the environment?

What is Budget 2024 doing for climate action and the environment?

Budget 2024 makes funding available for both short-term and long-term investments in Ireland’s sustainability. Two questions help assess its promises: Is it enough? And is it fair?

Proof of whether or not a government is acting on its climate and environment commitments comes from not just the policies and commitments they make, but most importantly from how they invest state resources to implement those policies. 

So how does Budget 2024 perform as proof of commitment to climate action and the restoration of nature? 

To answer this question, it is useful to think about what investments are being made in the short term versus those made in the long term. Sustainability requires meeting a balancing of environmental, social and economic needs while making sure that we don’t compromise the needs of future generations through our short-term actions.

Two new funds were announced that focus on the long term: The Future Ireland Fund; and the Infrastructure, Climate and Nature Fund.  The full article explores the balance between the short and long term measures in the budget.

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